Martin Luther — Christocentric and Gospel Oriented

I want to point out Tim Kellers document on why he believes a continual re-discovery of the Gospel is required for Christian Growth. Below is a link to the document:

Martin Luther once said the following:

“The principal point of the law is to make men not better but worse, But by the knowledge of their sin they may be humbled, terrified, bruised, and broken … and by this means they may be driven by Grace so to come to Christ”. Scott Sauls said in a sermon once “That we will never hunger for Christs beauty until we have seen the filth of our own vain efforts to make ourselves beautiful” .

Both of these are great summary sentences cause by reflecting on scripture and validly good attempts to understand scripture through the eyes of Christ and the Gospel message

The Gospel is not the beginning of our Christian walk it IS the entirety of the Christian walk! Lets keep the Gospel message of Jesus Christ in focus! Its important to keep the cross and the Gospel message in our sights at all times so we can deeply find our identity in Christ.


One thought on “Martin Luther — Christocentric and Gospel Oriented

  1. theoldadam

    Boy, is that ever true!

    All over the map, preachers are using the law to try and make people better. Wrong!

    It can’t make them better (as St. Paul said), it can only make them worse!

    The law used in it’s proper theological purpose in a sermon, ought be to try and kill us off to our own righteousness project.

    Then, as was said in your post, the gospel can do it’s work in raising us anew.

    Awesome post!

    – Steve Martin

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