Rightness in Christ

Probably one of my main goals I have in the spiritual discussions I have on the BLOG is to make Christians think very hard about the religious idols they have in their life. I realize that theire are a lot of Christian BLOGS out there talking about reformed truth or the evils of pelagianism, etc.

Unlike these other BLOGS, what I really want to do is to have people reflect on themselves and not all the stuff out there. To internalize our faith first before we externalize it. To use our Christian faith to examine ourselves. We can find idols in anything including our religiosity. We can (and usually do) medicate ourselves on the “rightness of our behavior” or the “rightness of our beliefs”. Pursuing right behavior and beliefs are not a problem but making it our dominant form of behavior is a pathological problem that we all have and its the root of pharisiism. Lets admit it. … our minds are idol factories. What ought to dominate ourselves is not the “rightness of our behavior” or the “rightness of our beliefs” but an undying focus on what the cross means to us. The only rightness that should consume us should be the “rightness we have in Christ” (Romans 1:16-17)

I hope people do understand since there are so many BLOGs out there that want to talk about Religious truths … but this Blog is meant to be different and to make us as Christians take a hard look at ourselves. I want to move myself and others from Biblical theory to Biblical practice and to find our identity deeply in Christ.

Romans 12:1 says Brothers I encourage you, IN VIEW OF GODS MERCY, to offer our bodies and living sacrifices holy and pleasing to God. We sometimes jump past looking at the Cross and Gods Mercy. Lets do everything in view of Gods mercy for us on the cross. A BIG part of God’s mercy is understanding that with Jesus and the cross we are nothing and that our ONLY source of righteousness is found solely in Christ.

In Christ,

Jon Spadino

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