One of my main issues – the 90/10 rule

I have a 90/10 principal that I try to keep in balance in my life. The rule stated is this: I try to see scripture 90% of the time as internal to me and 10% of it applicable to the world out there. I also like to talk to Christians that seem to have this same rule. In other words I want to internalize scripture as much as I can. My fear is if I invert 90/10 to 10/90 then I will start labelling other Christians, place myself over them, and start developing a sense of superiority …. and I have seen an extreme exaample of this in some of my closest friends causing a notable life-altering story that I will only share with my closest cell group friends. This life-altering experience is probably my main reason for having the 90/10 rule in my life to serve as a guide.

However, having said that I have a form of grace-legalism that I struggle with due to this life-altering thing that happened to me. I tend to have an unloving heart toward people that are acting in unloving ways [or unloving pharisees]. I also distrust people who lead with truth and obedience without first getting real about their own sin as they tend to so easily point out the sin in others and look down on all other people as they develop a sense of superiority in being in the truth.

This is something I sincerely need to work on.

4 thoughts on “One of my main issues – the 90/10 rule

  1. theoldadam

    I’m glad I found your site (via your comment on the Internet Monk).

    Yes, commenting on the speck in our brothers eye while ignoring the log in our own eye, seems to be the human default position.

    We never look so righteous as from that little patch of ground that we stand on.

    I too, am guilty as charged.


    – Steve M.

  2. Howard Nowlan

    “I really hope to focus on being real and genuine in the BLOG as opposed to just touting theology”.

    It’s great to see people, Jon, who can talk about these issues in a forthright manner.
    May we all share together a fellowship which allows each other to grow in the Grace of His truth and care.

    Yours from England,


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