New Blogroll link — Mark Driscoll

I just now posted a new BLOGroll link to Mark Driscoll and his Church. To be honest I dont know that much about Driscoll. I have seen his name mentioned in a post on one BLOG by some people that were critiquuing him. I then immediately found his link on a BLOGroll on a link of a BLOG of a pastor that I really like to read. So I went over and listened to one of his sermons… actually more of a speech.

Its very long but here is a link to his speech:

ANyhow what I listened to was refreshing, truthful, open, and as far I could tell he works hard at staying in the center of Gods word. He sees sin as something in the heart of all Christians and not as something out there that he wants to critique in other people.

Admittedly, I dont know much about him. But until I consider him a heresy I wanted to post his link and leave an area to discuss a guy who is doing something very exciting in todays culture without comprmosing God truth.

I have to admit that I understand why a guy like this might be criticized by much of todays CHurch. He wants to reach people in culturally relevant ways — while maintaing the truths of scripture without revising any of it. He uses modern music and actually critiques todays music so that it is both contemporary and rich in Gods word simultaneously. Todays church quite often spends too much time critiquing style and overall look of the Church. Many people want to attend the same “style” of Church we grow up in. Anything we feel uncomfortable with we label as “liberal”…. or as a mile wide and only an inch deep.

I find Mark Driscoll deep and very rich in Gods truth from the one sermon I listend to. If I find him to be a heresy in the future I will delete this post.

I recommend people check out Driscolls website as well as Scott Gamels BLOG from time to time. I also recommend internetmonk.


One thought on “New Blogroll link — Mark Driscoll

  1. theoldadam

    Thanks Jon,

    I don’t know much about Driscoll, either. It will be interesting listening.
    Thanks much!

    – Steve Martin

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