Jesus vs Religion

I have posted before on this subject and it highlights why I have been so big on deepeining our identity in Christ and keeping the Gospel message central to our thinkology. In the document below I highlighted finding our identity in Christ vs finding our identity in being religious:

Click on the play button below to watch Mark Driscolls sermon. This one is 6 minutes long.

2 thoughts on “Jesus vs Religion

  1. theoldadam


    I like this guy. I think he’s on to something.

    He’s absolutely right about religion being all about what we ‘do’. What we ‘should’, ‘ought’, or ‘must’ be ‘doing’.

    Or, what we ‘need’ to do. If we ‘need’ to do something, then Christ hasn’t done it. We know that Christ has done everything.

    If he would accuse the hearer (of the sermon) more directly (with the law)as he accusses himself, I think it would be an even more effective sermon. But he definitely is on the right track.

    Once the hearer of the law has been thoroughly killed off by that law (made aware that religion doesn’t work), then the proclamation of the gospel can go to work on that hearer and raise them to new life…ON IT’S OWN ACCORD…no ‘you need to’s’ are necessary. Once again remembering that ‘need to’ is an expression of law, which is an expression of religion.

    He (Driscoll) is almost there. He is on the right track.

    I like the guy very much. Thanks for sharing the video clips.

    – Steve Martin

  2. ashleylovee

    Haha, love this guy. He’s good. He pretty much just said things that I’ve been saying for a while. I used to be a hardcore Christian and I would wear shirts that had “Anti-Religion” and “There’s No Room For God In Religion” on them. People would always ask about it because they would think that I was a Satanist or something. A few of those people who asked…ended up getting saved. :]

    New post on Love:

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