All of Life is Repentance

Martin Luthers first thesis (of his 95 theses) stated that “All of life is repentance”.

“Pervasive, all-of-life repentance is the best sign that we are growing deeply and rapidly into the character of Jesus” (Tim Keller).

How does the gospel affect and transform the act of repentance? What is the difference between gospel repentance and religious repentance?

To learn more, Check out the following document: all-of-life-is-repentance

Continuous repentance is absolutely necesssary for our sanctification.


2 thoughts on “All of Life is Repentance

  1. theoldadam

    Another ‘close… but no cigar’.

    I agreed with most of what Keller said about repentance.

    The part I had trouble with was at the end of his article where he instructs us on HOW TO REPENT. What?

    Repentance isn’t something you learn from other people. It’s what the Holy Spirit leads us to. Otherwise it is calculated and then we are back to ‘religion’, again.

    God’s law preached in it’s fullness and directed at the sinner will do it’s work and bring about repentance in those that hear it. There is no formula to follow, no prayer or thoughts that someone else can help you with.

    When the law and the gospel do their work on you…you’ll know what to do.

    This is one of the problems with contemporary, non-demoninational churches, They are HOW TO in nature. Since they don’t have a right understanding of Law and Gospel, nor the role of God’s sacraments in our assurance, they are in constant ‘doing’ mode…with the best of intentions. Talk about trying to reinvent the wheel…sheeesh!

    – Steve M.

  2. theoldadam


    Thanks so your thoughtful response to my concerns.
    I do see your points and I do see where Tim is trying to be helpful, and there is no doubt in my mind that he is helping a lot of people understand more of their Christian faith.

    It just seems to me, Jon, that when the Word and sacraments are just not enough, then all the HOW TO’s start coming out of the woodwork. Books , articles, seminars, all with the best of intentions.

    But a trust that God’s Word will make it’s way and actually work in the life of the believer is not quite there. So then, we must get busy, we must grasp, we must think, we must pray, we must choose, etc.,etc, etc. (not that these things are harmful in and of themselves – it’s the focus I’m concerned about)

    The whole thing wears me out just thinking about it.

    The Christian life becomes a project…even unwittingly.

    I don’t expect that my view will change everyone’s mind, but I do believe my view is correct and that it provides folks with rest in Christ. Law/Gospel/Sacraments…all God’s work for us…nothing for us to do.

    I know way too many Christians for whom it seems that they just quite never arrive. Their rest is always just over the horizon.

    Anyway, thanks so much, Jon, for the opportunity to chime in on the great topics of discussion!

    – Steve Martin San Clemente, CA

    PS – The weather must be geting really nice up your way these days! I’ve never been to Minnesota but I hear it is a terrific place.

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