Christmas Letter 2008

Merry Christmas to everyone!

Well, 2008 has been another interesting year for us. 

Kendra is in her second year of college and and in the middle of a  double major in elementary education and special education at UWEC.  Her skills tend to be in the “helping  professions” and she has a heart toward people.  Last summer she was the intern at our Church (currently Bridgewood Church) and it was amazing to see her at work in the lives of the youth at Bridgewood Church.  In my opinion she went the extra mile and spent time individually with many of the youth and had way too many social outtings at our house … but I loved it.  Kendra is also teaching a bible study class for Navigators (“Navs”) in College  and also teaching Sunday school at her Church in Eau Claire, Wi . Of course … her social life is pretty active as well.

Also, Kendra was in a car accident just a few days ago and we are very thankful to God that nobody  got hurt.   Not sure yet but we think her car will be totalled and we just bought it last summer. I guess we are car shopping over Christmas for her.

Katie is a Junior in HS and a honors student and still working hard to keep her stratigh A’s … although an A-  is now looming over her head she says. Oh dread!  Actually Sue and I joke around and are actually wanting her to get a B to get it past her as a “learning experience” since she stresses way too much over school work. 

Katie is also in soccer and now playing for the Minnesota Thunder club team at the C1 level. Katie did some college shopping and also looking at soccer teams since she wants to play in college.  Sue and I are so proud of her dedication to both school and soccer.   She works out multiple times a week and still keeps up her grades. Discipline is definitely a part of her personality…. a trait I am assuming she got from Sue. :).

Sue and I are also going through a Church change. Starting in January we will be attending a start-up Church called Lifeprint Church starting at Twin_Oaks middle school in Prior Lake ( ) .

Its an interesting story how this Church got started and one that I was intimately involved with for the last 3 years.  Although 3 years ago we did not start out with the plan to start a New Church it appears we are ending up that way.   I expect we will start with about 200 or more people and hopefully grow quickly.

Sue and I are doing well.  I believe better than ever.  I feel we are now  healthier and more in love than our early years …. although I am speaking for myself  here.   Sue says I am exagerrating…  :-).  Personally, I am looking foward to the empty nest years and growing old with her.  I have learned so much from her challenging and confronting me with an air of grace and love and feel very blessed to have her as my bride.

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


3 thoughts on “Christmas Letter 2008

  1. michelle bahr

    hey, loved this! We aren’t even doing cards this year…..I wondered why you didn’t sign the letter from the “Soup NXXX”?????!!!!!
    the Bahr/nesgoda gang

  2. Nancy Johnson

    Loved your Christmas letter. May the Lord grant you many more Blessings at this special season. Nanc

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