You have one life to live… don’t blow it!

I found this on another BLOG:

You’ve got one life to live – don’t blow it!  The implication is that you spent your life on something that does not matter or count for eternity.  It was a poor investment, a failure of stewardship with this one life granted to you by God to make much of him.

I think one of the greatest ways to waste your life is to live in fear of failure–a fear of messing up and making a fool of yourself.  It’s a fear that paralyzes you of being fulling convinced of something, of going “all in” with the chips of your life, and being complete sold-out with no recourse or plan B to fall back on.  It’s a fear that predisposes you to status-quo and squeezes you into a hermeneutic of the cloudy can’t.  Indeed, it is a fear that prizes pessimism as a virtue and prefers inaction in keeping with personal traditions.  It is the path of least resistance and minimal requirement where the eventual outcome of atrophy become a trophy for the almighty rut, having persuaded ourselves that we are far more secure in stagnation than we are confident in any change that carries with it the potential of failure.

The most common path to unacceptable failure is to live in fear of it. Keep focusing on what you can’t do rather than what God can do through radical, risk-taking faith.  Continue the practice of a functional atheist with enough understanding of the sovereignty of God to justify your disobedience and not enough understanding to live under the domination of God’s sovereign rule.  Convince yourself that the past is always better than the future and live with regret rather than repentance, holding on to maintain rather than letting go to be on mission.  Develop a theology of contentment where holy ambition and zeal for the glory of God is suspect if not sin and drive yourself into deeper levels of comfort and disengagement.  When Jesus tells you that having a mustard seed-sized faith can move mountains and “nothing will be impossible for you,” rationalize it away refined unbelief and soothe your conscience with the absence of rebels to such mediocrity around you.

All throughout the Bible we find men and women who risked it all, including being an abject failure, pursuing the God who is bigger than life itself.  And it is to no one’s surprise that the smile of the Sovereign satisfies the faithful and stings the skeptical whose pride refuses to see God for who He is and take Him at His word.  Whether it was Abraham with Isaac on the altar, the Hebrew boys in the furnace, Elijah on Mt. Carmel, David before Goliath, Peter on the water, or the woman with outstretched arm for the garment of One passing by, I want to be found in the train where my request is sized and suitable for the Lord Omnipotent.  I want to live where I feel the weight of my dependence and desperation for God in that if He is not present and powerfully working, my life and dreams would utterly crumble.  Then I will sense and know Him as the one who sustains me as my portion in the land of the living.

Life is too short to try to escape from experiencing failure, and the mission of God is too important to surround yourself with people who encourage you to live that way.  Find those who are rebels to mediocrity and sell out to Him on whom they have set their sights.  Nothing great was ever accomplished by those who feared failure more than they feared God.  I am praying that God would expose in the unbelief in my heart and never allow me to hide behind theological constructions that discourage bold, aggressive plodding for His glory or dampen the fire being fanned into flame by His Spirit.

Lord, remove the props until I’m face first in repentance and faith believing the promises of your Word in pursuit of Your kingdom’s advance. Lift me from the rut and routine to experience genuine reformation and renewal as You open my eyes to see how great You truly are and so eager to bless those who have nothing to hold onto but Your unfailing hand.

In order to not live in fear, and to live in intimate relationship with your spouse and others  and to live in freedom we need to deeply understand the Gospel message of Jesus Christ. We need to have our identity in the Cross and Jesus Christ and what He did for us!

The Gospel is…
We are more sinful and weak than we ever dared to admit and…
We are more loved and accepted than we ever dared to hope.

In Christ and due to what He did for me I don’t have to live in fear.



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