The New Covenant: Christ is not in the distant past

I thought I woud revisit a post from a year ago.

Christ is not in the distant past

2008 by centralityofthegospel | Edit

I think one of the great errors in our thinkology is to see Jesus Christ as a distant object. Something, I get to understand now and then once I understand Christ and the Cross I get to grow beyond the meaning of Christ in my life as I grow in Christian maturity – This becomes a common error we all go down at one time during our Christian walk.

I actually like the words of Soren Kierkegaard as he discusses this topic:

Christendom [or legalism] is the enemy of Christianity—it is, Kierkegaard says repeatedly, the “blasphemy”—that stands in the way of encountering Christ as our contemporary. Christendom assumes that Christ is far in the past, having laid the foundation for the wonderful thing that has historically resulted, Christendom. Of course we are all good Christians because we are all good Danes[or Americans]. It is a package deal and Christ and Christianity are part of the package. If we are good Danes (or good Americans), if we work hard and abide by the rules, the church, which is an integral part of the social order, will guarantee the delivery to heaven of the package that is our lives. But Christ is not in the distant past, protests Kierkegaard. He confronts us now, and a decision must be made. “In relation to the absolute there is only one tense: the present. For him who is not contemporary with the absolute—for him it has no existence.”

Legalism or works based righteousness that focuses on rules is a cancer in todays Church. Our goal to be in the truth and to be obedient is distorted by the fact that the Cross and Christ are not at the center of our lives. The Gospel messages proclaims that we ALL are sinners yet and ALL are accepted in Christ. We can not look down on others because we are all saved only by God and only in Christ are we righteous.

If we don’t keep the message of the Gospel and Jesus Christ central to our thinking our views of morality, obedience, and truth become self serving and idolotrous. As I have proclaimed this centrality some Bloggers have looked down on me as they see themselves as having a higher truth…. I dont apologize for this Christocentric viewpoint I have as opposed to a moralistic Christian viewpoint. Christ is the goal, biblical virtue is a by-product.

Lets rest and in the knowledge of Jesus Christ and his PERFECT sacrifice on our behalf and when our inevitable struggles come along we will have the perfect love and the perfect assurance of Christ at our side.

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