Spiritual Warfare: This world is a battlefield

My daughter wrote this:

Sin is a part of human nature.  It is innate and something that every single human being is born with.  The devil came into the world in the Garden of Eden and ever since it has been a constant struggle between good and evil to conquer our hearts and our souls.  But why is sin so bad?  Why is it that something that feels so great to begin with, leaves us feeling so empty in the end?  Sin is the very thing that brings us away from our creator.  God is good and perfect, there is nothing about Him that can be tainted and therefore there is no way for him to be a part of sin.  Our sin is the very thing that separates us from our creator and the deeper we fall into sin, the further we fall from our creator and the more empty we begin to feel because God is the only real thing in this world.  He is the only thing that can make us feel complete giving us a sense of joy and peace.  In the Old Testament, God was completely separated from his people because sin had inhabited the world and God cannot be a part of sin but when he sent his son, a bridge was created.  Jesus took our sins and made us pure so we could once again be connected to our creator.  He takes on all of our blemishes and imperfections and makes us clean in every way, shape, and form so we can be completely connected with our God.  Unfortunately, this bridge makes Satan try that much harder to fight for our hearts and fill them with the sin of this world because it’s only when we give up the life of this world and completely submit to God’s will that we can become one with God again.  The Lord has been fighting a constant battle for our hearts and he continues to fight this battle every minute of every day but it only takes one small foot hold for the devil to get a hold of our hearts.  There only has to be one small part of your heart that is not wholly connected to God for the devil to work his way into a life.  It’s like a pebble hitting a windshield, it starts with a nick but if that nick in the glass is not fixed, it spreads until the entire windshield is ruined.  This foot hold comes in so many different forms that there are some we don’t recognize right away.  Some even look like Christ initially.  But the point we so often forget is that no one is immune to it, especially not the people in the church.

Just like in sports, the opponent is always looking to use his most powerful weapons on the team’s most valuable players.  Satan knows exactly who is affecting the world the most for Christ, he knows who has the most influence in a community and the world and he knows where he needs to start when taking down the other team.  Satan is strategic and always has been.  Look at what Job, Moses, the Disciples, Paul, and Jesus went through in their time on earth.  The devil was after their hearts in every way he could possibly think of and if the devil would have found one foot hold it would not be long until they would have cracked and their hearts would be completely gone.  Luckily Jesus is there every step of the way trying to pull us back in and completely repair us but any person who has fallen into sin knows how thin the line is from “good” Christian to rock bottom.  And let me reiterate, nobody is immune to this including the people that have followed God their entire lives without so much of a glitch in the road.  It only takes one foot hold and the next thing you know you have hit rock bottom and are at the darkest point in your life looking for any light at the end of the tunnel.  Church leaders are not immune to this and in fact they are the devils number one target.  When the devil sees a man who is reaching out to the lost, reaching the people that are the farthest away from God, the devil is going to turn his sights on this man and do anything possible to break him down.  Nobody is immune.  God is constantly knocking at every door of our hearts until we give every single part of our lives up to Him and if we don’t, the things that we keep to control ourselves the devil will find and utilize.  And unfortunately this is not something that we give up once and we don’t have to worry about again, it is a constant battle that involves giving up our lives daily to follow God.  We need to daily pick up our cross, daily loose our lives, and daily focus our sites on God in order to live the life he wants us to live.

Although this is all so simple to say, did I mention sin is a part of human nature?  We are human and we fall down more than most of us would like to admit.  We lose our footing and find ourselves stumbling on the same down falls over and over again.  And like I said nobody is immune to this regardless of how they look on the outside, XXXX included.  The devil attacked peoples hearts heart because when they are  spokesman for Christ.  We fell and there is nobody that can judge because, to the world, all sin is equal.  As Christians the only thing to do is to lift sinners up, back up their families , offer support and rise up and become a church filled with brothers and sisters of Christ. LPC was never any one persons church, it is a group of people joined by a common passion to spread the gospel to the broken and the hurting, connected by the gospel, and connected by Christ.  The church has nothing to do with one single person; it should stand as a group of people worshiping the creator as one body of Christ.  It is filled with people from broken backgrounds of all walks of life; it was founded on a mission to support the broken and the hurting and to provide a place of rest for anybody on their spiritual journey.  It is a church that will meet people right where they are at just like Jesus did.  This is no different; in fact it is the very thing that can allow the church to become stronger as a whole.  This is an opportunity for the church to rise up and act on what it stands for.  It is the perfect opportunity to show the south metro exactly what a church is made out of.  Yes, it would be a lot easier to quit and fall but that is exactly what the devil is hoping for, but what if it didn’t?  What if this was used as an opportunity to become stronger and to truly understand what our church and our Pastor has been saying all along?  Everybody is broken and everybody is hurting and no one person is an exception to this.  So now is the time to be what he has been to so many others and to show him that kind of support and the love that can only come from a loving and sovereign Father filled with grace.  What if this attack only served to build up the body, what if God’s light only shone brighter during this time, what kind of testimony would that be?

Continuing to use the warfare analogy…   when great sin occurs (including sins of shame) it is common  for people to feel like POW’s afterwards… sometimes for the rest of their lives.  We need to restore POWs to become effective and functional again.  I talked to a friend the other day and this friend said now is the time to be faithful to God.   So what does being faithful mean to me.?  It means to me re-enacting the Gospel to people… showing Calvary love to people hurt by the sin of others and their own sin and restoring them.

In Christ,


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