Tim Kellers New Book On Idolatry and Countefeit Gods

Tim Keller is coming  out with a New Book on Counterfeit Gods.  Here is a basic description of the book. Think about this…. there is no sin of commandsments 2-10 without breaking the first commandment first … to have no other Gods. Idolatry is mans base sin. Man spends so much time trying to fix the behaviour but we never  look at the sin underneath the sin or the idolatry of our sin.

Description of Counterfeit Gods

posted ‎‎Apr 16, 2009 10:42 PM‎‎ by DJ Chuang

The issue of idolatry has been with the human race for thousands of years; the subtle temptation is always to take what is good and turn it into the ultimate good, elevating it above all other things in the search for security and meaning. In this timely and challenging book, New York pastor Timothy Keller looks at the issue of idolatry throughout the Bible — from the worship of actual idols in the Old Testament, to the idolatry of money by the rich young ruler when he was challenged by Jesus to give up all his wealth. Using classic stories from the Bible Keller cuts through our dependence on the glittering false idols of money, sex and power to uncover the path towards trust in the real ultimate–God. Today’s idols may look different from those of the Old Testament, but Keller argues that they are no less damaging. Culturally transforming as well as biblically based, COUNTERFEIT GODS is a powerful look at the temptation to worship what can only disappoint, and is a vital message in today’s current climate of financial and social [and family] difficulty [and dysfunction].

Here is another review of the book:

Success, true love, and the life you’ve always wanted. Many of us placed our faith in these things, believing they held the key to happiness, but with a sneaking suspicion they might not deliver. The recent economic meltdown has cast a harsh new light on these pursuits. In a matter of months, fortunes, marriages, careers, and a secure retirement have disappeared for millions of people. No wonder so many of us feel lost, alone, disenchanted, and resentful. But the truth is that we made lesser gods of these good things -gods that can’t give us what we really need. There is only one God who can wholly satisfy our cravings- and now is the perfect time to meet him again, or for the first time.

The Bible tells us that the human heart is an “idol- factory,” taking good things and making them into idols that drive us. In Counterfeit Gods, Keller applies his trademark approach to show us how a proper understanding of the Bible reveals the unvarnished truth about societal ideals and our own hearts. This powerful message will cement Keller’s reputation as a critical thinker and pastor, and comes at a crucial time-for both the faithful and the skeptical.

2 thoughts on “Tim Kellers New Book On Idolatry and Countefeit Gods

  1. theoldadam

    Those great big whopper sins really devastate you and those around you.

    These big ones crish you into powder (hopefully) and really create some real humility in you.

    Then that sweet gospel promise can really go to work and raise you again (for awhile).

  2. centralityofthegospel Post author

    Thanks Steve, for the response. I think this will be a great read. IMO, sin never occurs without breaking the first commandment first…
    Gods grace of the cross comes to us making us want to follow Jesus.

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