Raw Naked Mode Does Not Feel Good… but its necessary

This is one of my rambling posts. I apologize in advance for this one.

There are times in our life where we may feel stripped of everything and we have to face the consequence of our actions.  We are stripped of whatever social or family  status we once had.  We are,  at this point, completely naked before God because we can’t hide behind our social or family status or talents anymore. We are stripped of everything.

Its just you and God now.

This occurs when major sins occur that cause us to become naked and ashamed before God…. and to be stripped of possibly everything… we are faced with some tough choices.

1. Do we find new ways to hide and clothe ourselves like Adam and Eve did. In other words do we find new ways to HIDE our shame before a Holy God. Trying to look good in front of others and impress them when God already knows everything already.

2.   Do we continue to medicate ourselves on fantasy, the internet, food, TV, blogging, sex, work, money, sports,  and other forms of pleasure idols or idols in general?

or …..

3. Do we learn to “feel the real” and learning to walk in a intimate, naked relationship before God and others?  Focusing on the God that came to us through Jesus Christ?

Anyhow, those are my thoughts today.


2 thoughts on “Raw Naked Mode Does Not Feel Good… but its necessary

  1. Sarah Robison

    This is a great post, Jon! I can relate tremendously. Earlier this year I experienced “raw naked mode” and I was so overwhelmed! You’re right when you say it doesn’t feel good, being vulnerable is never a good feeling. Learning to “feel the real” as you so well put it, was a huge struggle for me 8 months ago, but the Lord has been faithful to preserve me. Oh what grace!!

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