Focus on Jesus: What to Do When the Bottom Drops Out

Psalm 40, Romans 8:18-39

The bottom can drop out of our lives when we least expect it… crisis times come to all of us. Yet, when we have God’s perspective on crisis, we can face them unafraid and even see God work out His bigger plans when we follow His game plan! Here’s what we need to know when this happens…


1. Gods perspective in Times of Crisis

a. Nothing catches God by surpriose — He is ultimately in control and has a bigger plan then we know (Romans 8:12-21, 28, Ps 40:5)

b.  Recognize the causes of crisis:

  • The effects of the curse of sin.
  • The consequences of our choices  — ours and others. (Ps 40:12, 14-15)
  • Recognize conflict in the spiritual realm

C: Gods ultimate goals in crisis is to show us how deep our need is for a Savior and to conform us to be more like Jesus (Rom 8:29-30, Ps 40:6,7).

D: Even in crisis we can have confident hope because God hears the cries of our heart and makes us more than conquerors through Him! (Rom 8:25-27, 31, 37).

2. Gods game plan in crisis

A. Look to the lord — put your life completely in His hands. Your focus affects your faith. How we react in crisis reveals our character, but how we respond will shape our character! (Ps 40:1,6,7).

B: Listen with discernment.

  • Start with Gods word (Ps 40:4).
  • Watch your self-talk (Ps 40:4).
  •  Test the counsel of others including that of other Christians

C: What to do in time of crisis:

  • Deeply understand your identity in Christ and His’ purpose for man on the cross
  • Remove strongholds and idols of your heart by engaging in expulsive, replacement , rejoicing of Jesus Christ in the face of your idols
  • Lean on Gods people whom you trust (Psalm 40:9,10).
  • Understand nothing can separate you from the Love of Christ (Rom 8:38)
  • Always act in line with the truth of the Gospel (Gal 2:14) by simultaneously understanding the depth of mans sin and the height  and depth of Gods Love.

D. Let the lord lift you above your circumstances! He is at work in more ways than we realize! (Psalm 40:9,12).

In crisis, watch what God can do in and through us!


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