Living the Truth

I dont believe Keith Ablow has writtten a Christian book but the principals he presents, I believe, still apply to anyone at all.  He takes a brash look at personal honesty and inventory, 2 skills needed by any Christian looking for growth from the troubles of the world.

A Search for Truth

Living the Truth is built on a core theory, borne out by decades of research and accepted data, that human beings needlessly waste vast quantities of psychological and emotional energy trying to deny the realities of our own life experiences and distance ourselves from the feelings linked to those realities.

We unconsciously run away from the truth about complex relationships and dramatic, often troubling, events that contributed to our evolving sense of self.

By facing what we are feeling and why we are feeling it, in an honest exploration, we can create a new future now. This is accomplished with The Four Principles–essentially the anchors of Living the Truth–which are:

  1. Feel Your True Emotions
  2. Find Your True Self
  3. Forgive with a True Heart
  4. Forge Your True Future

The Eight Steps

These Eight Steps have helped thousands of people unearth buried treasures of insight from experiences earlier in life. If you commit to them, they can be keys to your personal transformation:

We instinctively deal with hurt–whether the loss of loved ones, the imperfections of our parents’ marriages or their love for us, psychological trauma, growing up poor, growing up in chaos, growing up with an alcoholic or drug-dependent parent—by denying it.

  1. Describe very specifically the growth you wish to achieve.
  2. Accept that buried pain from your past stands between you and your goal.
  3. Resist the behaviors that keep that pain buried.
  4. Find and feel the connection between negative experiences THEN and problems NOW.
  5. Put the past behind you.
  6. Forgive others and yourself.
  7. Plan your most powerful future.
  8. Take positive action.

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