LIFEbrothers Ministry at LIFEprint Church

I have made a decision to not do my Galatians Bible Study and start a Mens ministry at LIFEprint Church instead. Here is my current Vision for the Ministry. All is subject to change as I work on this with a few other guys.  Feedback is appreciated.

LIFEbrothersVision and Mission Statement

The vision and mission of LIFEbrothers is to disciple and imprint men with Gods word in a way that will impact their wives, families, churches, and communities. LIFEbrothers also desires to reach out to isolated and hurting men who are struggling with the types of idolatry that is unique to men and who want to experience Christ-like growth in a small group setting. The core LIFEbrothers curriculum will include studies on issues unique to men including sexual purity, money, and power. Studies will also include other Christ-centric, foundational bible studies and men-related topics that will impact families and church communities.

The Core of LIFEbrothers


–noun, plural -men.

1. a person who practices or is highly skilled in a craft; artisan.

2. an artist

Pro 27:17 — Iron sharpens iron, so a man sharpens the face of his friend.

Pro 27:19 As in water face reflects face, so the heart of man reflects man.

LIFEbrothers at LPC is Christ and Gospel-centric in application. The goal of LIFEbrothers is to “live in line with the truth of the Gospel” (Gal 2:14) or, in other words, to become craftsman of the Gospel message of Jesus Christ. We strive for an identity and self-worth that is centered on Jesus Christ. We understand that in Christ I am simul iustus et peccator—simultaneously sinful yet accepted in Christ. I am so bad he had to die for me and I am so loved he was glad to die for me. This leads us to a deeper and deeper humility and confidence at the same time. By a deep understanding of our sin and a deep understanding of the cross we strive to remove the strongholds and walls of isolation men retain and to have a deep identity in Jesus Christ while overcoming our sin. We understand that the misplaced affections of the world need to be replaced by the far greater affection of Jesus Christ and the Gospel in the lives of men. We are a group of men that want to mirror the biblical definition of spiritual leadership in the home and to identify and repent of our idolatrous behavior to God and other men and ultimately engage in spiritual warfare by the expulsive, replacement, rejoicing of Jesus Christ in the face of our idols.

We want men to come as they are since we understand how much sin and brokenness there is in the world as we strive to live out Proverbs 27 with our LIFEbrothers .


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