The 3 fundamental elements of the Christian walk

This may seem like and odd post for some. I have done a good job of being in the word the last 2-3 years. However, partially intentionally, partially due to my own history, but mostly I believe because God has not released me from this Gospel-centric view of scripture I keep coming back to many of the same things as God tells me DO NOT FORGET this.

There are three elements in my opinion as each person reads and interprets scripture. Theses elements are truth, Gods sovereignty, and the Cross or the Gospel.

Each person as he/she matures in faith mixes these 3 things in different proportions. In my life I have seen some very smug people use the word truth in hurtful ways. I hope nobody else will ever experience this. It is an image I will never forget as I read this persons smug body language as she used the word “truth” to hurt another person. As I read her smug body language I even recall her saying this was the fruit of the spirit somehow equating her smugness to “strength” in her mind.

One of the issues I have seen is the Gospel needs to be not just another truth among a bunch of other truths. Is is the truth of of all truths in the Christian walk. It is not just another example of Gods sovereignty. The Gospel is gods ultimate plan of how he demonstrates his sovereignty.

Jesus gave an advanced hermeneutics seminar in Luke 24: everything in the OT points to me. In Peter there is also an echo in 1 Pet. 1:10-12 of that same idea.

As we mix toegether Gods sovereignty and truth it is important to do so with Gods mercy, the cross, and the Gospel in mind. I believe, the pharisees understood Gods sovereignty and they believed they had ALL truth on their side. The one thing they did not have was the Gospel message of Jesus Christ in how they thought. Likewise today, many pharasaical types of people may discuss Gods sovereignty and truth but leave the Gospel behind. The Gospel and the cross in our thinkology is what prevents us from becoming pharasaical.

Sorry for rambling… not my best post!


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