Class Envy and self-selective judgement and self-selective self righteousness

I want to write a religious cartoon strip on this topic but do not have the artistic skills to do it. The cartoon would show one person with a very small piece of pie looking at another person with a a medium sized piece of pie. The person with the small piece is looking at the one with a bigger piece wishing his piece of the pie was just as big. The person with a medium sized piece is looking at a person with a large piece of pie doing the exact same thing — wishing he had as much pie as the next person. One of mans basic problems is pie envy…. to such a degree that entire systems of government have been established (called socialism) because of  “pie” envy.

The problem of equitability of pie and greed has been tried to be fixed by  socialist countries… but real freedom has never been obtained.  Capitalism has a different type of bondage to greed.   As a matter of fact the difference between socialism and capitalism is that one system wants to tries to squash greed everywhere and the other will allow greed everywhere.

I agree with Greg Boyd on his take on the tree of knowledge of good and evil .  He believes, as do I,  that as man eats from the tree of knowledge oif good and evil they live in judgement from someone that is just different from them.  Our judgment system and network is “self-selective”  to the point where we have a different type of judgement schema from a person that is looking at us in judgment.  We can have a religious schema of judgment that the pharisees used or it can be some schema baased upon our particular brand of how we see religion and Christianity. Or we can have a worldy schema of judgment and look down on all religion.  Its ironic to think that both sides are engaging in their particular form of pie envy  as they both live in judgment of each side as we are self-selective in our judgement schema based upon our socio-economic schema, our upbringing, and view of religious and political correctness (PC & RC).

This judgment system we use makes man want to fix other people rather rather than walking  along side them and understanding and building relationships and showing how God has worked in our lives.  Our quick fix mentality when its based upon our particular form of judgment and our particular form of self-righteousness blocks off our ability to love others and ultimately to demonstrate and discuss the true Gospel because the Gospel will also include a number of personal additions other than Christ alone!

We can not listen very well  or build relationships as we to try  fix the person with just a different piece of the pie than us because we just don’t see other people as on the same level playing field as us!  The Gospel completely levels the playing field so we can talk to people eye to eye and not look down or up to others!

Man does have self-selective judgment and self-selective self righteousness as we attempt ti interpret Gods truths in scripture.  But how do we fight it.   The only way to fight it is quit feeding from the tree of knowledge of good and evil and to stare at the Gospel of grace until we clearly understand how Christ did EVERYTHING for us.

In view of the cross, in view of the gospel, in view of the Calvary love of Jesus Christ… only then can I start to understand what real obedience is!!!!!!!


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