I tend to struggle with the idea of mans sanctification.  I tend to disagree a bit with the reformers on it.  For one the idea of faith without works I am vehemently for.

On the other side if the coin I can become arminian and believe man needs to cooperate synergistically  with God as much as his sinful nature will allow.   Is it the cooperative synergism with God that sanctifies me?  I dont know but I dont loudly proclaims against this synergism either like some do in the religious ranks just to hang on to a theological point.

No matter how my sanctification works I know I have Jesus, the author and perfecter of my faith. Because of what Jesus did I have assurance that He will see me through and not because of anything I can do.

In my own personal walk I have seen sanctification come through my understanding of my wife.  She is radically different from me.   As I “work” to understand this love despite these radical differences and as we both collectively and continuously embrace the Gospel I believe I  see growth.

Hopefully its Gods sanctified work through Jesus Christ being reflected in me …. I dont know… but it feels good.


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