What is Freedom

This is a bit of  a carry over from my John MacArthur post when I though he did not do a good job discussing Christian freedom out of Galatians 5.

All who profess faith in Christ are welcomed at the table. All are equal in the community regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, or class. No additional qualifications are needed beyond a faith in Christ. Paul is adamant in Galatians in his defense of this truth claim, yet in verse four he mentions the freedom believers have. What could this freedom be? Our culture defines freedom as complete autonomy of choice. Paul describes it as freedom from the curse God’s law pronounces on sin. This is the freedom a person receives when he or she accepts Christ. (See Galatians 3:10–14; 5:1, 13). This new liberty is not a liberty to sin but a liberty to freely choose not to sin — a choice that a person without Christ does not have. When individuals put their faith in Jesus Christ, they no longer are irresistibly drawn to sin, because their hearts are now inclined towards God by the power of the Holy Spirit. Furthermore, they have the right to enjoy full fellowship with God without entering through the doorway of ceremonial laws. Its a freedom to not find acceptance through the doorway of the world or the doorway of Christian thought and ideology…. freedom was accomplished for us on the Cross.

Many Christians may become obedient because of Christian peer pressure…. but is that freedom. No!   This peer “pressure”  of Christian  obedience is not a trust in God. That is just wanting to look good in front of other people.  To be acceptable in front of men is not obedience to God…… beause even being acceptable to men even in a Christian way is really bondage to mans thinkology.  A freely chosen, Holy spirit driven obedience is powerful and it transforms from the inside out!  That is freedom! When man sees his sin at a deep level he realizes only the cross makes him acceptable. In response to the cross we can choose to not sin… in a response enabled by  the cross.

Please read Philippians 3:7-12 to determine the two kinds of righteoussness common to man. One is a righteoussness from man that comes from the Law…. and the other righteoussness is by faith in Christ.  This is the source of the problem. … mans and a Christians walk with the wrong kind of righteoussness.


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