What the Church should be

Heather from another wordpress BLOG posted this as a comment.   I agree.

“Christ’s body (the Church) is not meant to be a museum where we all display how “perfect” we have become as Christians. Nor is it to be [simply] a lecture hall to constantly remind us of how unworthy we are to receive His attention. That is an important foundation, but we cannot get stuck there.

Christ’s church is a war-zone, front-battle-line hospital that is constantly sending out scouts who will bring to the Master Physician those who are blinded, maimed and bleeding to death. And we, as His hands and feet, are to minister healing Truth with His loving care so that others may be introduced to the Life He offers.

It is so frustrating to me that we as a group will become so stuck in stuff like “how separate are we to be?” because if we really know the Lord and have a vibrant, living relationship with Him, we have His springs of pure, Living water overflowing out of us, and the stink of this world cannot stick even as we dive into the filth to help pull others out of the sewage.

The Christian walk of faith is not about physical rules to “not taste, not handle, not touch”. It is about a heart attitude of humble obedience to constantly rely on our Father to show us what is right in ANY given circumstance. The only way that can happen is when we strive to know Him with all of our hearts.

He’s Daddy. He wants us to come to HIM and rest our souls in HIM and He has given us the Scriptures as a means by which we can meet with HIM!”


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