Deep and Long

Not many people have people in their lives that are real and genuine.  I am thankful to have a few of those kinds of deeper friendships. I am also thankful that God is leading me to cultivate more of those groups of friends through LIFEbrothers mens ministry at my Church.   As we discussed in LIFEbros, and as small groups are being formed… these groups are safe havens for people to practice in the safety of a small group all the godly things they need to do in the real world.

Not many people face the pain of their past hurts and past relational wounds …. and far fewer have people that they allow to rebuke and challenge them and count it as blessing. Those two qualities form my circle of close friends.

Thankful for LIFEbros mens ministry this morning where the object is not just to pass information back and forth…. but to go deep and long… to be real and genuine as we dig into God’s word.


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