North, South, East, and West …. East is good

In the book of Acts you see the the Gospel spreading out from its origins.  As this happens they attempt to go South …. blocked.   They attempt to go North …. blocked.    Going west means going back to where they came from.  East it is!!!!! As God closed some doors …. others opened up!

Have you ever felt this way…. All doors blocked except one.  East I go!  However, East is good.  So I keep going East until this path too is closed off and I need to re-correct my path to a door God opens for me.   God has closed off doors for me…. friends maybe lost forever.   A message of sin,  elder-brotherliness,  grace, and mercy….  not heard.   But new doors have opened:  It appears He  wants my message to remain the same as I head East!  God continues to reaffirm this message in my story and the stories of others I listen to.  Sometimes it seems like the same story.    So I hone my skills at delivering the same message.

As you move forward  you realize how great a blessing this path is and you see Gods sovereign providence at work ….. as I head East!


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