Contraconditional Love vs Unconditional Love

Have you known Christians with a long legacy of broken relationships with friends and family.   Are you one of those friends?  It seems to me there are more than a small number of Christians who fall in this category.  These people are always serious about their faith.  Often they feel like they are being persecuted for having a higher standard or for being a Christian.  That is perhaps true.

What I have seen and observed, however,  is that quite often these people are being persecuted and are suffering for all the wrong reasons.  Legalistic and moralistic thinking (making morality in input for being acceptable) does that.  It puts you on top of the wrong battles in life.   It leaves a legacy of broken relationships for all the wrong reasons.   You can spend a lifetime fighting the wrong battles.  Perhaps this is driven by religious idolatry, perhaps this is moralistic therapeutic deism, perhaps it  is driven by insecurity and fear.  Desire and fear (idolatry and insecurity) are indeed opposites sides of the same coin.

So what do you do with friends like this. Do you overlook this and love them unconditionally…. inviting an environment of the same thing continuing for years.  Not many people deal with moralistic therapeutic deism.  Or is there something else you can do?

Gods love is much better than mans definition of unconditional love!  Gods love is contraconditional. It loves us in spite of…. or contrary  to our sinfulness.  The grace and mercy of the cross invites us to remove the idolatry of the heart– whether this be our elder brother, religious idolatry  or our worldly, younger brother idolatry.  It allows us to see our sin openly and discuss it. It invites people we trust to rebuke us and count it as blessing!

Unconditional love stays superficial and there will never be growth.  Contraconditional love invites change.  Contraconditional love allows sinners to express and confess a sinners heart. Unconditional love craves acceptance from others…. eventually blocking the expression of a sinners heart.   Contraconditional understands the depth of mans sinfulness.  Unconditional love wants to have its needs met with out having a major stake in the change and growth process!!!!!

Thats my thought for the day!!!!

4 thoughts on “Contraconditional Love vs Unconditional Love

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