Separatists, Blenders, and Restorers

Ryan Alexander Pastor at Hosanna Church made an interesting point in his sermon last Sunday!

He said  Christians can divide themselves into 3 categories that we need to think about.   These categories are separatists, blenders, and restorers.   Separatists tend to separate from culture. They try to be different. They tend to point out the problems and differences they have with the other side of  culture quite often.  Blenders tend to ‘blend with’ and embrace culture. They use culture to their advantage and quite often show no difference in their behavior than how the rest of culture behaves.  Separatists can  be legalistic and pharisee like in appearance and blenders show no difference from how the world behaves.

Both approaches drive a wedge between you and the Gospel message of Jesus Christ.  Both approaches are alike in their inability to impact and change culture. Neither, in the end, glorify God!

Restorers use culture. like Paul did in acts, when it is advantageous for them to promote the Gospel and inspire change. They neither demonize nor embrace culture completely.  The bible shows  us to  not denomnize created things nor dies it elevate created things to an ultimate thing. The bible does not demonize culture nor does it elevate culture to an ultimate thing.

The gospel restores!


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