What fills your hole?

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is…
We are more sinful and weak than we ever dared to admit and…
We are more loved and accepted than we ever dared to hope.

Whether we are all aware of it or not we all have a hole in our hearts that need to be filled by something. I have found out when I dig in my back yard and leave a hole, the hole eventually will get filled with whatever is around it… sticks, leaves, garbage, whatever blows around in the wind.

People are much like the hole that I dug. We all have holes in our hearts that need to be filled by something. Freud, Jung, and Adler and other phsychologists call it needs and many good sounding theories surround ways to fill these holes. When this hole is left unfilled for long enough it will get filled with lots of things that are blowing around the social “winds of man”. I am convinced we can fill these holes with a lot of good sounding things… man has done this for centuries but most of these things are not the things “ultimately” designed to fill the hole. Some of these things are indeed good and theymay have a place in our lives …. but they are not what was “ultimately” designed to fill the hole.

I also believe there are many dangerous pretensions that masquerade as “Christian” but are missing the transformational core of the Gospel. Whenever we are missing the message of Christs’ indwelling work OF THE GOSPEL to progressively transform us, the “hole” will be filled by a Christian lifestyle that is focused on external behavior and not the heart.

Col 2:6-8 tells us to be aware by being taken captive by hollow and deceptive philosophies. They sound good and they may fill us for a while but eventually, maybe years later, we will be found with an empty hole again. We need to be cautious about what we fill our holes with!!!!!!

What needs to change: my behavior, my self-concept, my circumstances? There are numerous counterfeit hopes we can place in our lives but scripture is clear — the only true hope can be found in Christ. In Christ we can find both the boldness and humility to not be blown around by “social winds of people” by just filling it with the needs of other people who themselves are also sinners. When sin confronts us we will be hurt but not devastated because our one true hope is “in Christ”.

If we fill the hole with THE GOSPEL then we have a fighting chance to have healthy relationships because our hole ultimately is filled by us being transformed into the image of Christ. Our hole is filled with what it was designed for …. Jesus Christ!

We will never hunger for Christs’ beauty until we have seen the filth of our own vain efforts to make ourselves beautiful. Only by keeping the Gospel central to how we think and behave do we have a fighting chance of maximizing the sanctifying power of the Holy Spirit.


2 thoughts on “What fills your hole?


    Hi guys…. I have been a Biblical Counselor for many years….I love walking people through their pain into the glorious Word of Promise…. Jesus Christ. I love seeing the Spirit of the Living God come alive in their hearts.

    Well anyway, I very much liked your article: “What fills (the hole in your heart)?
    I changed the title to initiate my question: Through the years, many have asked me about this very thing. I personally KNOW that I know Jesus fills the hole in my heart… But people ask me… “where can I find it in Scripture”… And so I ask you to help me by giving me some of God’s Word that you have found that will help me to accomodate their question. I have read the Bible many many times, and I can’t pinpoint it. Thanks, and may God bless your work. N. Galligan

  2. centralityofthegospel Post author


    you will find it in the first and most important commandments. To have not other Gods before the God that came to us in Christ.

    The sin behind all sins is one of idolatry. And the first commandment says to have no otjher Gods,

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