The land of I – Itunes, Ipods, Ipads, and Idolatry

The new thing of this generation is for people, parents, and kids to be online and plugged into something all the time. The latest fight for parents in schools is for the parents to be in touch with kids ALL THEM TIME…. even if they are in the middle of a classroom. We are getting to the point where we will constantly be plugged in the internet wherever we are. We need to be mindful that in coming generations being plugged in does not become a substitute for having real relationships. In the future this will become something parents NEED to be mindful of.

How does this relate to this post. Well,  for the purpose of this post I am defining idolatry as the things we are plugged into the most.

I have had several posts about how people have a tendency to make good things into ultimate thigns. I want to expand on that.

Why is making good things into ultimate things bad?

Here is list of thoughts supporting this?

  • We live in a generation where child centered parenting is just as bad as absent parents. This is placing our children as idols.  This child centered parenting leads to a lot of dysfunction in families as we tend to engage in dishonest assessments of family problems to protect the family image of our children.
  • We live in a world where people place their spouse on pedestals leading to major expectations that can never be met in a single person. Rejection from our spouses leads to major marital disorder as well as dishonest assessment of real problems as we protect the image of being a great couple.
  • When we place our major sense of self worth in our jobs we become workaholics
  • When we place our major sense of self worth in sports or coaching we lose site of relationships.
  • When we place our image above others we make an idol of self. This image could be our moral performance and the rightness of our beliefs. Making this an ultimate thing then will place  people not living up to exepcations on a lower social scale. This behavior actually becomes a major hindrance for growth in people as we inoculate people against our behavior or beliefs.. even behavior and beliefs that can be VERY good.

In the Christian world when we make good things into ultimate things we call them idols and we believe having an identity in Christ needs to come first. Why is this important? Because then when the other things we hold close to our hearts are attacked we may feel bad but we are not devastated by them.  Also, its really not healthy to place a person or child at the center of your self-worth.  If we do we tend to respond in unhealthy ways as opposed to healthy ways when we feel your idol being threatened.

That’s my thought for the day.


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