Does calculus apply to real life?

In calculus there is saying that is often used called “with respect to”. Quite often we say with “with respect to” time.  Or in the case of a car accelerating; acceleration is “with respect  to” a change in velocity.  Velocity is a change in position or “with respect to” a change in your position. And of course velocity and acceleration are also with respect to changes in position with respect to time changing.   Well, I don’t want to bore everyone reading this but our beliefs are often with respect to “our education”, the people we have been around, or the rightness or wrongness of how our parents raised us.  Quite often our beliefs trend toward and agree with many people we like and respect and they trend far away from people we dont like or have differences with.

I was reading the following NY times article:

In the article he author says:

And yet a large body of psychological data supports Planck’s view: we humans quickly develop an irrational loyalty to our beliefs, and work hard to find evidence that supports those opinions and to discredit, discount or avoid information that does not.

You will see the irrational beliefs in every major arena and especially arenas that have a lot of emotion associated with them.  Some good examples are some of the “social political items” today.  Because our beliefs are “with respect to” something outside of ourselves they are quite often based on things we may have experienced in childhood or people that were just major pains in the ass over the years. We all “think” we know truth but what is truth?

As  a Christian that has though a lot about this, I believe, that a lot of people that shy away from the Christian faith do so because of extreme, self-righteouss, graceless views of  people that have observed that are Christians …. quite often theses views are placed in politics , rightly or wrongly, as conservative.  And of course radio and TV talk show hosts (as well as CNN and Fox News especially during the presidential election) make money polarizing the sides even further and widening the gap between the sides.  often peoples beliefs in life  are “with respect to” what they don’t want to be…. a self righteous pharisee like person in politics. I have seen this in my own family and friends.

I am not sure who I will vote for on the next Presidential election. I want to vote conservative … but what I do know is we are about to enter a time with some very conservative and polarizing  Christians like Michele Bachmann entering the fray for President.  Its time for a change in how the world sees themselves “with respect to” a Christian faith. Its time to differentiate todays “religion” from the Gospel message Jesus Christ.  Michele Bachman will give todays Church an opportunity to differentiate between “The Gospel” and “religion”.  Churches and Christians will  have an opportunity in the next year to show real faith, real obedience, and real personal change or to be a self-righteous, Christ less church.  We can either take advantage and gain some ground by engaging in a Gospel-centric worldview and to be people that are on forward moving journey of change and growth…. or we can lose ground be engaging in the a self righteous, christless religion that many people see the Church as today.   A church that only creates people in the image of the politcal, religious pharisees of Jesus day. Yes the pharisees were a religious sect but they were also a political sect 2000 years ago.

Its time for some real change.. especially change inside our churches!   We have an opportunity coming up Church in the upcoming presidential run! Rally the troops and differentiate the Gospel from religion!  The article below shows Tim Keller  discussing the difference between Gospel and religion.


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