2012 Spadino Family Christmas Letter

Well, its been a good year in the Spadino Family.

The biggest news of the year is that Kendra got married and started her teaching career.   Yes Married!  She got married in May, and started a new life with Aaron Johnson.    They live in Woodbury, Mn in an apartment where Aaron works for Sun Country airlines and Kendra works for the Hudson, Wi school district where she teaches 6th and 7th grade Special Education at Hudson Middle School.  Her degree allows her to teach K-6 elementary (all classes)  and K-12 Special Ed classes.  We are so proud of her as she completed college and now is working with the exact age group she always dreamed of!  Sue and I feel like we have succesfully launched Kendra into life …. but at the same time love it when she comes home… even if her motives to see us is to get her laundry done!  :-).

Aaron is a very  welcome addition to the family.  About a year ago he asked for Kendras hand in marriage from me and a week later they were engaged.   I tried not to let him sweat too much as he asked me over a Pizza dinner!  🙂  I had seen the two of the two of them together so we felt very good about Kendra and Aaron and knew it was only a matter of time before the engagement.  Aaron has a degree in aviation and now works for Sun Country Airlines.

Katie is at Bemidji State where she is majoring in Bio Chemistry and doing very well.  She started out college thinking she would do computer programming …. but soon after starting  college she changed her major to Bio Chemistry  and now is also feeling  led to go on to graduate school and eventually become a Physicians Assistant (P.A.).  Right now she is in her Junior year and soon she will be taking her GRE and applying to colleges for Graduate School. We are so proud of her self dicipline and work ethic.    Katie is also a Pure Academic Assistant at College (PAA) …. basically a tutor that gets paid and gets her dorm room free.  🙂  She really likes it a lot and is debating on if she wants to do this next year.

Sue and I are doing well!  We are both in the same jobs we got when we moved to the cities.   I am still at Seagate and Sue is at Machines and Media.  Sue and I also attend  Hosanna Lutheran Church and we are part of a ministry called Marriage Rebuilders where we facilitate a small group.  Marriage Rebuilders is a ministry for Marriages in crisis.   Not only do we get to learn and relearn skills from some other mentor couples but we have found that God works as people tell their stories and overcome the shame and  the mistakes they have made in the past.   Marriage Rebuilders gives couples the tools to communicate and also discusses items like (1) family of origin and how your past impacts your current relationships and (2)  how to develop healthy boundaries in your marriage as well as in life.   We feel very blessed to be a part of this ministry.  Often we have couples coming in on the brink of divorce and in the end of the 10 weeks are starting to rebuild intimacy in their marriage.   I am also a part of a similar ministry for men only called True North in Lakeville, Mn where men get together and share their stories and hold each other accountable.  As Sue and I lead these groups I find it interesting how people who have had chronic issues in life, when they change one thing, how it creates a snowball effect in their marriage and also with their children and other relationships.

Also, since Aaron works at Sun Country we get to fly stand by very cheaply.  Sue and I have taken short weekend trips to San Diego and Seattle this year to take advantage of this.  In San Diego we left without organizing a rental car or Hotels. We ended up paying for 30$ per day for the rental car and ended up with an Ocean View Hotel room on the boardwalk in San Diego.    We were very lucky since none of this was organized!  Seattle was my favorite trip though. It was sunny the entire time and we saw Mt Ranier and Olympic National Park.  If I had to do it over I would have skipped the Fish Market and the Space Needle and gone to the Ocean instead.  In Seattle you need to take advantage of the Sunny months I believe.

Sue and I wish you all a Merry Christmas. Jesus is the reason for the season.  In a time when we just had such a major catastrophe in Connecticut we need to remember and re-remember the Cross of Victory and how the Gospel saves and shapes people and relationships!

Have a Merry CHRISTmas,

Jon and Sue Spadino


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