Hows Your Long Game

Many of us have jobs and we work hard supporting our companies and the customers of our companies.  I realize as I look back on life that for much of my life I had a very good short game. In other words I became very good at getting past the next hurdle and obstacle in my job.

Now, as I look back I realize my “short game” was very good but my “long game” was a bit hit and miss.  My long game needed to be developed to make me a better employee and a better person.  Furthermore, the long game is very hard to develop because a short game has a lot of “people pleasing” activities since its entire purpose is to get over the next obstacle.  The short game is the easy way out and developing a long game means sometimes dealing with some uncomfortable things with either yourself or others.  Developing a good long game means sometimes you need to go after the root cause of work and relationship issues as opposed to just getting by the next obstacle.  It means you might need to confront systemic, sometimes process related,  or relational issues sooner rather than later.  When you confront these  issues others around you want to hang on to a short game and may not understand your long game concepts.

The long game is a lot different than a short game because it means your not out to people please. It requires dealing with issues and you may need to make others uncomfortable when doing this.  The motives behind the “long game” is to make both sides healthier and better.

The short game is easier and less painful and we are happy when others are happy…. but the long game makes everyone better and healthier.

Have you needed to do “intelligent pushback” to develop your long game?  Do you need to deal with some uncomfortable things today to grow?  Often others around you don’t like a long game because its not always about people pleasing.  But when you grow others grow around you and everyone is better off.


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