Law Gospel Paradigm

Just heard this statement;

Luther’s theological leaning was not about having a full frontal assault on the worst of us, It was a full frontal assault on the best of us!

Scripture over and over shows Jesus talking in parables and welcoming prostitutes and tax collectors… but to the religious, got it together,  religious  pharisee he was bold, direct,  and sometimes angry.  The world seems to have this backwards, we have an angry, critical spirit at the sexually immoral and dregs of this world —  often indoctrinating many against the Christian faith.  And we welcome self righteousness and pharisees into our ranks and inner circle!

Food for thought!

2 thoughts on “Law Gospel Paradigm

  1. centralityofthegospel Post author

    Very Thankful for my Lutheran heritage which does a good job highlighting this statement. Glad to be part of a Church that seems to remember this!

    Still saddened that this message is getting lost in the ELCA lutheran heritage these days.

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