Peter or Paul?

In the book of Galatians Paul, an almost Apostle, challenged Peter, an apostle, for not acting in line with the truth of the Gospel (Gal 2:14).  I want you to understand the potentially scandalous charge that Paul was going to make against Peter.   You see Paul, at this point, was an outsider to the inner circle of the Apostles, After becoming a follower he immediately left to promote the Gospel to the gentiles… without ever corroborating his understanding of the Gospel with  the rest of the Apostles,  Now, after several years and after  promoting the Gospel to the gentiles,  Paul is about to challenge Peter, a person that walked and was taught personally by Jesus himself, for not acting in line with the truth of the Gospel. This could have been a scandal if done in today’s Church.

I want you to consider the gravity of this. First, lets discuss Peter.  Peter is one of the Apostles where you learn more from his mistakes than you do his teachings in Scripture.  Peter, of all the Apostles was not the sharpest tool in the shed.  He denied Christ three times and now was sent off to do ministry and now Paul was challenging him for not acting in line with the truth of the Gospel. Wow!

However, Christ also said that Peter was the rock on which He would build his Church.  Jesus was going to build his Church on Peter and people like Peter.   I do ministry with Men struggling with various issues,  Due to the nature of their issues, its unfortunate that I have to tell them to find more Pauls in their lives that do not twist the Gospel message of Jesus Christ so that they are not rejected and fall deeper into their sin. Don’t get me wrong …. the Peters of the world often mean well and God will use them in great ways,,,, but for a season of life we just need more Pauls in our life than Peters.

Perhaps  you know Christians like this… ones where you can learn more from their mistakes than their words.  They understand right from wrong and the they understand Gods standards,   I am sure they have a tone of truth that is ethical and moralistic,,,, but they also do not act “in line” with the truth of the Gospel.

What do you do so you don’t get duped into acting outside of Paul’s teachings….. so you don’t pull a Peter.   When the stresses of life come in … do you act like a Peter or Paul?

Today I am thankful for how Peter was used as an example of how to not act and as an example of Gods sovereignty as God used Peter in great ways.  I am also thankful for Pauls correction of Peter and for Paul pointing us to the Gospel with divine words.

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