Most of you reading this probably don’t know me.  My name is Jon and embedded in the lines of this BLOG are my story.   A story of the grace and mercy of the cross.  But also a story of how Jesus, the cross, and the gospel also is continuing a process of transformation that continues every day.  On this BLOG you won’t hear a lot about trying harder, spending more time doing your bible study, spending more time in God’s word and prayer, and be more moral…. although I do hope my story exhorts you to do that.  You will, however, hear thoughts about idolatry, worship, and sin.  You will hear a lot about the heart and the gospel!

I tend to be somewhat Lutheran in my thoughts.  Lutherans tend to engage in a Christocentric theology of the cross.  A belief that Jesus purpose on the cross finished it completely for me…. Jesus’ grace and mercy reign over sin.  I also believe that a person that stares at the grace and mercy of the Gospel daily can’t help but be put on a forward moving journey of change and growth  in Christ!  You will hear a lot about that journey on this BLOG!

If you wanted to categorize me and label me.. I am neither Calvinist or Arminian … out of fear of interpreting Gods word via some method.  I also consider myself  somewhat “lutheran” and the 5 solas of scripture of Martin Luther speak to me.

I am in the word often…. either reading something again or maybe more often rehashing something older and in prayer asking for the correct interpretation of Gods word so I can apply it in my life.   The BLOG is more a presentation of How Gods word, truths,  and God  himself have worked in my life.  You may have to read between the lines in some cases but my life story is there … somewhere.  If you want to understand me more read click on the My Vision tab or the True North tab  on the link on the right side or top of this page.

The Gospel of Jesus Christ and Jesus’ purpose on the cross tell us …
We are more sinful and weak than we ever cared to admit and (why Jesus had to die for me) …
We are more loved and accepted than we ever dared to hope (why Jesus was glad to die for me).

We will never hunger for Christs’ beauty until we have seen the filth of our own vain efforts to make ourselves beautiful.


Sue and Jon in Hawaii

3 thoughts on “About

  1. fws

    I was taken by your article on restoration. I tried reply but I am not sure it went through. so I am resending it here . I hope that is ok jon!


    here is what i posted:
    I would be interested in hearing more from you about what you think about point 1. 1) what did that Image consist of? and… 2) what happened to it?

    then I would be interested in understanding what you mean by point …

    2). What is sin? what is Original Sin ( I assume you believe in original sin….)?

    3) How and where does Christ rescue us? what does that rescue consist of?

    and finally …

    4) can I assume that 4 is a restoration to 1)? If so, alot hinges on what the Image of God was and is right? So I guess I am most interested, of course if you also are interested, in engaging you on point 1 > I am a Lutheran, so my take on the Image of God and what it is will be defined by the Lutheran Confessions if that is ok.

  2. centralityofthegospel Post author

    I have my account setup so I have to approve people comments although I never censor…. I do like respectful comments to other people.

    I will take some time to respond to you more fully sometime in the future.

    Yes, I believe in sin and original sin. However, the world responds to sin at a behavioral level fairly consistently. I see sin at the “heart” level. For example, one person sees Adams “original” sin as Eve and Adam disobeyed God. I see the sin of the heart in Genesis long before the behavioral level when the serpent tempted Eve ( and Adam) with being their own god completely separate from God. The world tend to think the fix for original sin is behavioral “obedience”. But behavioral obedience and mans attempt to keep the law just lends itself to pharaseeical kinds of sin. Legalistic sin is men keeping the law while in judgement of others. Antinomainism is man doing his own thing and sin without seeing the law at all. Both extremes are the 2 sins of the world and both extremes reject Christs rescue on our behalf.

    Christ rescued us on the cross. Those that tend to see rescue as a daily part of living, I believe, tend to be growing sinners. Those that dont see this daily rescue tend to engage in one of the 2 methods of sin without growth or change.

    The gospel then gives the sinner a truly repentant heart because he no longer has to put on the mask of being a religious “performer” and he can finally be honest and repentant about his worldly sinfulness.

    I will respond more later

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