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Truth: How do we use it?

As a Christian I strongly believe in Truth!  I believe Gods word is absolute truth.  At the same time I have observed what I see as an abuse of truth in many Christians. 

I believe this abuse of truth falls into one of 2 categories.  The first is when we use truth to gain power over another person or another group. Basically, we use truth see ourselves as better than another person or group. 

The other is when we use truth as a shield.  This kind of TRUTH abuse is when we like to talk about truth but we do not use it to get “wooden” with our own sins, thoughts, and feelings. We talk truth as a way of avoiding discussing uncomfortable thoughts and feelings about ourselves.  We use truth as  a very clever way of changing the subject so we do not have to look at our own sin.

So what does this look like in reality.  Years ago, my wife and I sat down with a couple we were good friends with.  This couple was struggling with some issues the husband was struggling with.  One of the things we knew about this couple was that this couple had  very black and white, all or nothing, legalistic way of thinking. This was especially true of the wife…. but also true of him.  This couple was at their best when they could look out their windows and talk about how BAD other people were and how BAD other groups were.  Well , what do you think occurs when legalistic, black or white thinking finally meets the sin inside the walls of a marriage instead of outside the walls of the marriage,,,, well, you get FIREWORKS!  I vividly remember when we sat down with them and  her strong and incorrect use of  the word “TRUTH!” at her husband as a way of belittling her husband.  She was using TRUTH as a form of a power play.   Oddly, right before she did this she told us how she was calm she was because she had the “fruit of the spirit” working in her.  As she said this her body language was anything except full of the fruit of the spirit.  This was her way of using truth as a shield to deflect everything away from her.  In one conversation with this couple they had used TRUTH both as a shield and as a power play.

Well, anyhow, I believe the question that deserves some thought today is this:

How have we used our faith and religion as either a shield or as a power play?





Foundations of Change

Its been a while since I have blogged.    Too busy at work and then tired at home, etc is the issue.  But as is normal I have been tossing and turning over some scriptures and continuing to be part of my mens group where we talk about a lot of things.

In recent weeks, months, years I have been tossing and turning over what compels a devoted Christian to change, grow, and be sanctified and to be put on a forward moving spiritual journey in Christ.   So many people, friends, and marriages seem to have recurring issues that revolve around the same sin coming up again and again.  Some of these friends are heavily into sound doctrine, Bible Study,  and devoted Christians.  I have written about some friends(a couple) and myself that have a broken friendship.  In the last couple few years the husband showed in one of my church groups I attend.  We had a time upfront of sharing some of our concerns and struggles.  What was said amazed me.  He went on to explain how something he had said when he was dating his wife 25+ years ago was being held over his head.  In my opinion the husband  may have pulled this couple in to the pits but the wife was responsible for consistently placing a glass ceiling on how good this marriage could be. I guess you have to take my word on that since I observed them over 20+ years.

When sin occurs in our personal world I have seen how people (in this case this couple) can narrowly redefine truth in a way that glorifies ourselves, makes us look good in comparison,  and gives us haughty eyes.  We can use truth to tear each other down rather than have a narrative of mercy that can honestly see our sin but also  allows us to openly work on our sin in the presence of Christian family and friends.  This couple spent years building up a pharasaical, self righteous, unmerciful view of the world.   In the comfort of their house they saw themselves as ‘good Christians’ and found security in critiquing the world and other sinners from their glass theological house.   However, Continue reading