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The Theology of Rocky Balboa

Whether you believe in nothing or believe in God but we ALL engage in the theology of Rocky Balboa. Some of us dont know it and dont recognize it. Some of us know it but cant escape from it. Some of us after long struggles have learned to overcome it. Let me explain.

In the first and only good Rocky movie Adrian told Rocky ‘you can’t win’. Rockys response was that I just need to go the distance then I will know I am not a bum. There is always something that ‘drives’ everyone that we worship and if we have it we will know we are not a bum — whether we actually know it or not. We all have this thing that controls us and as Christians we call them idols.

We all live for something whether we know it or not. Even if a person says I live for nothing and does not let anything control them in essence they are living for their independence. Irreligious people that dont know God dont often realize that they are also also worshipping something — whether it be their independence, their political beliefs, their view of the world, They all have the one ore two things that if they have it they know they are not bum.

Likewise, most religious, God believing people are also worshiping something besides God and they dont even know it. Instead of finding a righteousness (Romans 3:21) in Christ they are finding a rightness in being religious people or a rightness on being moral, hard working, disciplined people.

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