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Without the Gospel Message of Jesus Christ …

Without the Gospel Message of Jesus Christ God’s law becomes unproductive!

Without the Gospel Message of Jesus Christ God’s law becomes behavior modification!



We had some old friends over for Easter. These are probably some of the oldest friends we have. We went to College together and its always fun since we have a level of comfort with each other. We are comfortable enough to have Dean fall asleep in the green chair in my house a couple of times.

We also had Nikki, our Godchild over and it was a good time. I was showing her how to pause live TV with Tivo and she told me she wished she could pause me and fast forward through my jokes. When will the children learn to respect their elders :-).

It was absolutely great having Kendra home all week. She always has a good outlook on life. She also decided to take the youth internship at our Church over the summer. She will be like the girls youth director and will be given an opportunity to work with the youth pastor and our new Sr. Pastor.

Anyhow, as I reflect on Easter I always think of one word… VICTORY! The victory we have on the cross through Jesus Christ and the idea that we are loved by a Savior.

Have a Happy Easter and remember God’s victory for us on the Cross through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!