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ELCA Response Back to me regarding ELCA Homosexuality Statement

I actually posted on the ELCA BLOG and then also sent an e-mail to the residing ELCA Bishop and head of the ELCA. Here was his response back to me.  As you can see the ELCA is clearly redefining scripture based on, in my opinion, not science, but social agreement and consensus.

Dear Fellow Servant of Christ,

Thank you for your letter.  It is evident that you care deeply about the integrity of the church’s witness and its faithfulness to God.  I am grateful that you have taken time to share your concerns and convictions with me.

You are not alone in your conviction that homosexual sexual relations are always described as sinful by the Scriptures. The newly adopted social statement, Human Sexuality: Gift and Trust, states that this conviction is widely held in the ELCA.  At the same time, it recognizes that other interpretations of the Scriptures are also deeply held as faith convictions in the ELCA.

In recognition of these differences, the social statement and other actions of the assembly call the members of the ELCA to love our neighbors, respect their convictions and passions, and speak well of one another, even where there is no agreement.

In your letter I hear a strong disapproval of these actions taken by the recent churchwide assembly and, even more, a deep sense of alienation from the church body you have considered your home.  I also sense you feel the loss of a shared life and witness that has nurtured your faith.

If I may offer a word in response, I want to begin with a promise, one that is from God.  In the pain and disappointment you feel in this current moment, and amid the very real differences present in the ELCA, God’s promise for you in Jesus Christ remains sure, and I am confident that the Spirit will sustain you in faith, hope and love.

I also have a strong conviction that we have more work to do together in the body of Christ, work that is critical for the life of the world.  I believe that we will do it most faithfully and effectively by continuing to join in humility and mutual respect for the witness and service to which God has called us.

My deep hope is that we will hear, respect and continue to learn from the wisdom, experience, and witness that you and others who share your convictions bring.  For the work and witness before us, we need one another. We need the voices of those who lament and those who rejoice over the assembly’s actions, for together we have been called to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ and to be engaged in God’s mission for the life of the world.

In the weeks to come, I ask you to continue in conversation with others in your congregation and beyond. I also ask you to continue to dwell in God’s Word and be in prayer for the unity and Continue reading

The ELCA Lutheran Church allows openly homosexual clergy

As many of you know the ELCA has recently decided to (1) Make a social statement on homosexuality where it has decided to avoid any language calling it a sin and (passed by 2/3 vote)  and (2)  voted and is now allowing openly, unrepentant,  homosexual clergy in the ELCA  Lutheran Church on a Church by Church/congregation by congregation basis.

The ELCA has been going down this slippery slope for a number of years.  It has abandoned one of the main solas of Martin Luther — namely sola scriptura and has allowed humanistic interpretation to enter the ranks of what was a divinely empowered interpretation of scripture in the Bible. The ELCA now openly neglects some scripture.

As many of you know my BLOG has always maintained a grace and mercy narrative to sinners. I, myself, have sinned greatly and I am not proud of it. I have always proclaimed, as Martin Luther did,  a deeper level of sin…. looking at mans religious idols as well as his irreligious worldly idols and at both our younger brother sins as well as our elder brother sins (pharasaism).  I have not ever, as the ELCA is doing, redefined something as sin, as being openly ok to proclaim, unrepentedly,  in front of other Christians.  I encourage many of you in Continue reading