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The ELCA Lutheran Church allows openly homosexual clergy

As many of you know the ELCA has recently decided to (1) Make a social statement on homosexuality where it has decided to avoid any language calling it a sin and (passed by 2/3 vote)  and (2)  voted and is now allowing openly, unrepentant,  homosexual clergy in the ELCA  Lutheran Church on a Church by Church/congregation by congregation basis.

The ELCA has been going down this slippery slope for a number of years.  It has abandoned one of the main solas of Martin Luther — namely sola scriptura and has allowed humanistic interpretation to enter the ranks of what was a divinely empowered interpretation of scripture in the Bible. The ELCA now openly neglects some scripture.

As many of you know my BLOG has always maintained a grace and mercy narrative to sinners. I, myself, have sinned greatly and I am not proud of it. I have always proclaimed, as Martin Luther did,  a deeper level of sin…. looking at mans religious idols as well as his irreligious worldly idols and at both our younger brother sins as well as our elder brother sins (pharasaism).  I have not ever, as the ELCA is doing, redefined something as sin, as being openly ok to proclaim, unrepentedly,  in front of other Christians.  I encourage many of you in Continue reading