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An inch or a mile

I am paraphrasing something my Pastor said this weekend. Briefly, he made a statement about Christians and people who miss things by an inch vs those who miss it by a mile.  

I am about to embark on a bible study on the parable of the Prodigal son and related parables for the next 6 weeks.  The parable is about exactly what my Pastor said. Its about a younger brother who seems to be missing the mark by a mile and an obedient elder brother who misses the mark by an inch. However, in the end the younger brother is sitting at the feast of the Father while  the elder brother does not seem to follow the fathers invitation to  the same feast.  The younger brother sees how deep his need is for a savior and the elder brother says “Look at me. I have been doing everything right. Why arent you slaughtering the fattened calf for me”.  I call this elder brother attitude acting as if he was “taxpayer with rights” as opposed to being a spiritual beggar.

I have seen how elder brother, religious  sin affects a marriages and its clear to me, from scripture, that Jesus speaks of this particular religious, Continue reading