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Trust and Intimacy with Christ and Each Other

This post is going to include a lot of thoughts of mine and I hope I can be coherent in explaining it. This is also somewhat linked to my previous post.

I want to describe two things:

Type 1 Intimacy: This is an intimacy and trust that grows at first in relationships. Its easy, performance based intimacy and trust. An intimacy that will eventually ultimately fail. It does now show the real you but a built up version of you. Type 1 Intimacy is the type that says if you do this behavior I trust you and if you do that behavior I distrust you. If that trust is gained then intimacy is achieved. Its basically peformance based intimacy and trust. In my opinion this trust will ALWAYS eventually fail in most situations since it Continue reading

Jesus vs Religion

I have posted before on this subject and it highlights why I have been so big on deepeining our identity in Christ and keeping the Gospel message central to our thinkology. In the document below I highlighted finding our identity in Christ vs finding our identity in being religious:


Click on the play button below to watch Mark Driscolls sermon. This one is 6 minutes long.