The ELCA Lutheran Church allows openly homosexual clergy

As many of you know the ELCA has recently decided to (1) Make a social statement on homosexuality where it has decided to avoid any language calling it a sin and (passed by 2/3 vote)  and (2)  voted and is now allowing openly, unrepentant,  homosexual clergy in the ELCA  Lutheran Church on a Church by Church/congregation by congregation basis.

The ELCA has been going down this slippery slope for a number of years.  It has abandoned one of the main solas of Martin Luther — namely sola scriptura and has allowed humanistic interpretation to enter the ranks of what was a divinely empowered interpretation of scripture in the Bible. The ELCA now openly neglects some scripture.

As many of you know my BLOG has always maintained a grace and mercy narrative to sinners. I, myself, have sinned greatly and I am not proud of it. I have always proclaimed, as Martin Luther did,  a deeper level of sin…. looking at mans religious idols as well as his irreligious worldly idols and at both our younger brother sins as well as our elder brother sins (pharasaism).  I have not ever, as the ELCA is doing, redefined something as sin, as being openly ok to proclaim, unrepentedly,  in front of other Christians.  I encourage many of you in the ELCA to do some Church shopping. If your Church will not make a stand against this then its time to split the ELCA or join another denomination to maintain the “real” legacy of Martin Luther.

Martin Luther once said.

“If you are a preacher of mercy, do not preach an imaginary but the true mercy. If the mercy is true, you must therefore bear the true, not an imaginary sin. God does not save those who are only imaginary sinners. ………… rejoice in Christ who is the victor over sin, death, and the world. We will commit sins while we are here, for this life is not a place where justice resides. We, however, says Peter (2. Peter 3:13) are looking forward to a new heaven and a new earth where justice will reign.” [Letter 99.13, To Philipp Melanchthon, 1 August 1521.]

The ELCA has elected to make homosexuality an imaginary sin thereby lessening the power of Gods mercy shown to us on the cross for the forgiveness of sins.

I want Churches to appeal to sinners and I do not want religious sinners talking down to irreligious sinners. I hate religious self righteoussness with a passion since my own sin has been thown in my face several times in my life…. but sin is sin.   Religious self rigtheousness drives people from the Church and inoculates them against the Christian faith. Religious self righteoussness is an atrocious sin against Christs’ bride — the Church!!!!

In my heart of hearts, my desire, is to walk arm in arm with others that are struggling with their sins and to share our victories and our shortcomings. In some circumstances we may never overcome some of the sins we have or the sins of others in our lives.  It is clearly because I proclaim  sin at such a deep level that I also  have a reason to show grace and mercy to other sinners. Because I see the Mercy of the cross I can not look down on any other sinners and I can  look them evenly  in the eye and say Jesus loves you and died on the cross for your sins and mine.  Because of Christs mercy I cant look down on you and I wont allow you to look down on me because of my sins and struggles.

The good news is we have Christ who is the atoning sacrifice for all sinners who has justified me and made me perfect and atoned for my  sins past, present, and future.  I proclaim Christ boldly because I see my sin so clearly.  It because of this depth of my sin that the Cross calls to me so loudly.  In Christ I have already achieved perfection through the Cross.. but what remains is the not yet of moral perfection and the remaining of sin in my life that I struggle with.

I proclaim loudly, today, to all people reading this that the not yet of moral perfection (ie sin) remains in my life.  What of it!   Christ is with me and I have been declared perfect due to what Jesus did for me.

It is due to what Christ has done for me that I have elected, willingly, to struggle against my sin in a freedom , love-filled, relationship that is calling me to the cross.

Today, I will not  allow my past sins to overcome me and I won’t allow anyone to look down on me because of my sin.   I wont even allow myself to look down on me!  Today I do not boast about my sin, I boast about about the cross and Jesus …the author and perfecter of my faith.   My sin demonstrates Jesus power on the cross for me, a sinner.

I boast about the Gospel   … because the news is good for sinners!!!!!

6 thoughts on “The ELCA Lutheran Church allows openly homosexual clergy

  1. theoldadam

    The ELCA has gone where no church ought go. They have abandoned God’s Holy Word for the praise of the culture and men.

    May the Lord have mercy.

  2. Matthew Campbell

    Wow…I never would have expected it from Lutheran Churches. This is horrible…It’s a terrible testimony to the Gospel of grace amonst the religious.

    While I am ALL for grace and would never question that, there IS such thing as sin. Jesus did say if anyone in the Church is acting like that openly and unashamedly, let him become as a Gentile and tax collector.

    I’m getting tired of all of this being afraid of offending peoples beliefs. I thought we were suppose to judge those inside the Church? God judges those outside.

  3. theoldadam

    We don’t judge anyone’s salvation, but we cannot let unrepentant sinners poison the church.

    Jesus forgave. But He also said, “Go and sin no more”.

    The ELCA is saying, “Go, for there is no such thing as sin.”

  4. new-to-LCMS

    the ELCA has been gradually sliding in to universalism over the last few decades. The doctrine on salvation ( explains it so clear. Everyone is going to heaven whether you believe in Jesus or not – there is no sin that God cannot accept. Believing this then, there is no reason NOT to allow pastors in a homosexual relationship to lead a church.

    I feel betrayed by the church and ashamed of myself for not being more responsible for knowing the doctrine of the faith I lived. Everyone I speak to now – I make sure they know where to go to research the doctrine of the ELCA – and I pray they make the right decision.

  5. centralityofthegospel Post author

    I read this. There is definitely a universalism to this statement! WOW! Even though the Church needs to reach out to sinners and its not about moralism. Christ is clear when he says there is no way to the Father except through me!

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